Katrin Marras

Katrin is Australia’s leading Laughter Linguist. She helps you to learn and live through the Language of Laughter. Laughter Language Learning provides teaching professionals with a powerful tool that boosts the learning performance of students.
Furthermore, teachers suffering from stress will feel the instant benefits of Laughter Training themselves. Katrin worked for several years as a teacher in schools situated in busy city districts. Teaching children from diverse and difficult backgrounds, Katrin and her colleagues experienced a high level of work related stress. Laughter Training helped her to manage difficult classroom situations and to improve her health significantly.
Katrin’s programs can be delivered online internationally or face to face in person. She has recently worked with international professionals from all over the world in Moscow, Dubai, Chicago and Hamburg. She has broad experience of working in Primary as well as Secondary school settings and has taught the Language of Laughter to several adult Yoga groups.
Katrin is a certified Laughter Yoga teacher, holds a Master’s degree in teaching, and is a professional in the fields of sports and languages. In 2019 she trained with Merv Neal, Australia's Leading Laughter Expert. Recently, Katrin joined Janni Goss at LaughWA and became a committee member of LaughWA. As an expert in language teaching and communication, she speaks 3 languages fluently and is always keen to learn more.
With her German style Katrin communicates a clear message in her programs and gets straight to the point.

Find Katrin in « Travel Play Life » magazine issue #15 2019